Thank you for taking the time to review TPI’s services. Our firm can provide you, as a client, the knowledge, professionalism, and opportunity to make your business more successful.

Our business philosophy has always centered on the importance of quality customer service and client satisfaction. With this objective in mind, we have established the most efficient and specialized full service real estate finance company in the New York market.

As a client, you can work with our firm by using the following tools:


  • Schedule a phone meeting - we provide our clients with the nationwide option of scheduling a phone meeting for a time that is convenient for you. Scheduling a conference call can be done through our website. This feature allows you to get your request into us in real time and eliminates the inconvenience of leaving and retrieving phone messages. As you know, time is very important in a real estate transaction.

  • TPI email access - our email access will function similarly to Outlook. You will be able to send and receive email messages, as well as synchronize this email account to your private email and your blackberry.

  • Record of communication – all emails, messages, documents, agreements, purchase offers, and other activity will be stored in your account. This feature will save you a lot of time in dealing with administrative tasks.

  • Availability - our web site is available 24/7 and you can access your account at any time.

  • Matching criteria – you can save and manage your real estate listing criteria and receive your matches in real time. As we continually update our system and upload new listings, any listing that matches your needs will automatically be sent to your attention via email. You will not need to manually search listings.

  • Activity Report - as a seller you can review the activity for your listing, with our client, online, and at anytime.

  • Purchase offer – you can review and manage purchase offers in your account because our system records a history of all listing activity.

  • Global advertisement - our system provides you with national and international coverage in order to give you the opportunity to market your listing and increase the opportunity of meeting your asking price.


By using TPI’s system, all parties are able to negotiate a successful and progressive real estate transaction.

Use of our system is FREE. The only fee that the client pays is the commission broker once the transaction is complete.

It is our sincere hope that you will place your trust in TPI Real Estate Investment Services Corp to be your full service New York real estate firm.

We look forward to establishing a business relationship that will provide you with the personal care you deserve.



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